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Hydra and Vase

The Hydra (water jar) was created in 450 B.C.E. and the smaller vase was created in 1795. Over two thousand years separate the dates of these vessels. Each is wheel …

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Head of a King

This sculpture is likely the head of either King Thutmose III or Hatsheput. This piece was made in the mid 15th century B.C.E.. Photograph taken at the Seattle Art Museum …

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Gauntlet and Barbute

The gauntlet, created in late 15th century, is made of steel by an Italian craftsman. It was lent by the Metropolitan Museum of Art, The Bashford Dean Memorial Collection, Funds …

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Twenty Minutes at the Louvre Museum

An honest, whirlwind tour of the Louvre, visiting only the two greatest hits that tourists usually want to see: the Mona Lisa (at 12:19) and the Venus de Milo (at …

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Light in the Darkness

In 17th-century Europe, many artists drained their paintings of bright colors, creating drama instead through strong contrasts of light and dark. This installation of six paintings in the European art …

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